It is a very common and very predominant issue that wrong water bill issue ever troubles city dwellers.
Never it gets resolved quickly-effectively-permanantly.
The disturbances see the severe friction-rubbing and roughing.
That apart,waste of water,unscientific slab method-“the minimum-meterminimum-irrational money looter”-keeps the users on the burn every moment.
Now-a-days water a very costlier commodity-no more a  luxury to e thought of wrt its utilities.
World over the cry is to conserve water-that is to use intelligently-optimum use.
The billing syndrome-the minimum fixed charge in the opening readings is a matter of contentions-the intentions ever challenged-heated arguments-resolutions far away-dries the pockets also drains the money illogically.
Better utilities-accurate-realtime consumptions accounting-better meter reading-effective actual billing-pay rich dividends worth to be adapted meticulously.
This needs a change in the mindset of the localbody dispensation also revisiting the ageold practices of the existing logics of computations of the consumtion of the rare commodity-“WATER-THE-DIVINE!”
The very thinking of the incumbent hon’ble PM-shri “namo”-coserving water-a  mass movement-involving every citizen f the  population of the great mother india’s 125+ crores of the countrymen/women.
The intent is to get morecrop per drop of water.
The challenge is to store water in the rainy season locally as rain delivers the heavenly gem to the mother earth.
Rain water cannot and must not get t the drain but to the well for the wellbeing of the humanity at large.
Noble-noticeble-amazirng idea worth all the praises and prizes too.
Water life saving-serving-also for surviving if wrongly handled-ammounting to waste-the intellectuals claim can lead to a  war viz. world war three-fight for  water.
The matter is so serious and mind boggling-to be  remembered always to improve and never give room for  odds.
These preambles unveils the ground realities of water and its relevances to the very life itself.
In this context-two  very enterprising –well qualified-well experienced-former techies of Infosys-bengaluru have comeout with a novel-notable-noble –realtime water consumption meter-“smart homes”
In the recentpast.
The deccan herald mangaluru edition  news story of 27thjune2016 –reports it very discreetly.
They are sh vivek shukla and sh kasturi rangan.
They have piloted the new item in bengaluru for the flat residents-after all trails and successfully put them to service subjected to the wishes of the individuals/adaptability by the flat residents to that extent.
This new gadget is not a replacement to the one which is nw serving as the watermeter-for it cannt be straightaway fitted to the inlet waterpipes prescribed by the civic authorityin the domain f local body governances all over the country.
It is a retrofitting-or a custom built adaption along with the incumbent server-the convention watermeter.
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The idea flashed to them for the very reason-in bengaluru-flat residents  use to pay waterbills on various counts than the real uses-quanity of the commodity water.
Flat area based,total falt area of the flat under consideration divided by the total inhabitants of the residences(total no. of the residents)-these calculations go haywise
For they are irrational.
More residents in a flat pay relatively less whereas less n of residents in a flat have to pay more-for the reason-average is ilfounded.
The remedy-actual consumption-realtime input which the existing system eiher in flats or in individual residences do not find the primacy.
This malady needs corrections scientifically-logically-ppreciably-to set all odds to permant rest once for all.
These need-
Change-mindset of the localbody administrations, in the attitudes-retrofitting the new gadget,mney to be sent on it’s provision,service users open mind to welcome the novel innovations-technology-for overall benefits to the society and the househldstc.
Rethinking on the uses of drinking water pipe supplied item-refraining from it’s utilities diverted to-works such as-
Vehicle wasihing,
Cloth washing,
Toilet uses etc
As now-a days,one water all uses no reasoning-no thinking-just open the tap draw till exhausts.
Intelligent humanity-unintelligent utility-the bane never the boon-
The bone broken-the back sags-sorrows fill the bag-the misery smiles.
What an alarming situation let to blossom-all wisdom dead-permanantly dead for ever.
It is very pertinent for the society-elite members to raise to the occasion-
Debate,deliberate,argue so that the best get the share and spare the rear commdity-water from being wasted-irrationally used-just for the reason the meterminimum-is mum on wellfounded logics.
We wish the most enterprising readers’ fraternity get to the job right now and react rightly straightaway.
Drivehome the best dividends-diveaway the bad”lock stock barrel!”
R M Sharma


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