Training at farmers field by CPCRI


Eco-friendly management of coconut stem bleeding- Field demonstration
Training cum method demonstration for the management of stem bleeding disease of coconut was organised  at Koottakkani, Pallikara gram panchayat of Kasaragod district by ICAR- Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI) Kaqsaragod   on 27-07-2016.
This programme was organised as a part of My village My pride programme of CPCRI.
Dr. Ravi Bhat, Head, Crop Production Division of CPCRI briefed about the importance of crop health management and field sanitation.
Stem bleeding is a slow killing disease affecting coconut and it is widespread in the laterite belt.   The method of effectively using the potential biocontrol agent Trichoderma for the management of stem bleeding was demonstrated in the farmer’s field. The farmers were also trained in the field, to identify the disease infection through the symptoms appearing in the trunk. Hands on training was given to farmers in this ecofriendly method.
Scientist from CPCRI, Dr. Selvamani, Dr. Paulraj, and Dr. Neema participated in the interactive meeting with the farmers on various aspects of crop management techniques. Agricultural officer Mr. Venugopal addressed the farmers on the various schemes operated to improve the crop management practices. Mr. Manikantan, Senior technical officer, KVK, CPCRI facilitated the programme.


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