Any fire is a fear ever for if it is a tragedy-which leves behind only pain.
Even if a fire as a tool of animosity were to be in place forget the intender and the intent,its’far reaching effects are /were never limited as it became/becomes uncontrollable for various reasos both manmade and the perhaps the wishes of the lord.
Be them be ther,let us now turn to the real story.
On the midnight of 31stmay(the early morning of the 1stjune2016)2016 @010hrs, the fire in the ammunition depot of pulgoan located close to Nagpur in Maharashtra state was a very serious national calamity.
This depot holding the entire requirement qty of the items very essential for theINDIAN ARMY SERVICES-
Is the biggest in size in the country,
It holda the items of all types,
It holds the items amounting to lakhs of tonnes by weight,
The money value is in crores of rupees,
Added to the story,this depot is the second biggest in ASIA!
Are any more qualities need tobe accounted to tell the importances,relevances,realities to gauge the fallout of the fire-which will be unimaginable aftermaths.
The losses to the properties and the life who were on duty at the hour was a very serious concern both to the army dispensation and the govt. of india.
Loss of precious human life dobly handicapped the army and the families of the personnel.
The loss may in due course/earlier would get addressed wrt to the human life by the army by the way of new employment.
But the irrepairable loss afflicted the concerned families f the personnel is a permant LOSS.
The govt with its’all resources gradually would come to the terms with the fury,but the effected families never in the near future.
It was revealed by the responsible army authorities that the losses f the goods though affects the performances of the INDIAN ARMY,they would manage to minmise the ill effects most precisely and faster.
The story will undoubtedly has the lessons to be lernt.
But the learning of any lesson/s should be @ cost of the real losses?
No,never it is any intelligence to endorse it.
Lerning in advance,learning concurrently,lerning without losses/minimum inconviniences etc are the art and beauties of the authorities at the helm of affairs.
The dispensation of the INDIAN ARMY,THE GOVT OF INDIA< THE PEOPLE OF The COUNTRY all invest their trust in the well doing performances par excellence.
When it is a misery then the treausary drained-downed-damned and the safety of the great Indian republic is any body’s guess.
Unsafe country heaps the burden of worries and the effects  a well drawn coclusion.
To avoid the fire in the 1st place the prime  concern of the administration in charge of the responsibilities of maintaining the distinct-discreet-definite services of the ammo depot.
Here the failures for any reasons not forgivable per say.
The fire breaking out in the odd hrs/odd situations are/were of very high risks-for the control will go definitely out of hand.
Having lost the control-the fire the master-ruler-rigner-destroyer-the story-terrible misery that is it just.
Many national tv channels,many mass communication dispensations,many societal eleets reveald the story with their expert comments and seious view points.
Many suggestions,solutions,resolutions all in the public domain suggest that the army secrets hold no good when the calamities strike.
Secrets are under veil-calamities in the open-so the inefficiencies in the public domain.
To avoid,reduce the hardships why not thre be a general debate on the safety measures which in its’ absence makes nonsense?
Is not sensible,responsible,accountable,accommodative approaches come handy in excellent deliveries avoiding all worries for ever?
N it is not,for the army dispensations view the public debate-discussions-discourses  badly affect/effect the running of the affairs.
When unfair,public  help-interventions-raising to the ooccasions are of merit.
But before hand the same theory/ies-a flop.
Why should it be so?
However we are of the strongest convictions-as the army so also the general public fcussedly concerned about the safety of the country.
Hence it is wisdom that makes uses of the valid suggestions,solutions reolutions the general forward-the matters worth considerations.
Now the suggestions
Holding the entire needs in one location to be reviewed,
Holding items prone to accidents due to the geographical pace wrt temperature is of prime importance,
Holding –useful(full of life),deteriorated,obsolete all in under the same roof-not a wise move-to be revisited at the earliest definitely,
Disposing of the useless,less useful to be more scientific which is not as of now,
The review theory should be on real time basis-viiz .24×7 model,continuous etc.
Modern technologies-to be in place-“THE CHIP METHODS”-warning  of the dangers if they were to strike,
Personnel on duty @ the site more relevant,reliable,responsible,accountable etc.
Fire fighting gadgets,facilities,newer,novel,innovative provisions are the needs of the hour,
More than all and for ever,anticipating the fury of a  fearful fire should be the guide,
Now let the esteem readers’ fraternity-ponder over the entire issue and raise to the occasion to make the mission a success for ever in the overall interest ur gret indain republic ever a safe country-granting lasing peace an d tranquilities to the citizens ever.
R M Sharma


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