About 5.5 billion population of the world is over fat,the reportfrom Melbourne, revealed in the print media is of very serious concern to the entire humanity of the world.
This 5.5 billion population amounts to a 76% in reality.
This fat favtor is endangering the health of the people-medically.
In spite of all/manyefforts of dispensations worldwide engaged in public health programmes yet the epidemic has assumed enormous high figure.
The need of the hour to know the facts and concerted efforts to contain it.
If obesity is one demon in its’ effects,the overfat is a second demon ought to be fought for the general wellbeing.
It is commonly understood that the effects of obesity,over fat are due to life styles and less exercises/no excercises punishing the bodies to  a comparatively better form.
The researchers-from Auckland university who engaged in the said studies have come to a conclusion,even in the cases of body exercising examples the overfat is a reality.
The after effects of overfat-rising trend of chronic diseseases,increased health care costs.
The 2 terms-overfat under fat,though attributed to the normal health levels, ye t there are  instances where the normally healthy people are also affected by the overfat syndrome-the study puts its’ observations before the world.
If weight is the criterion for measuring-understanding-argueing for the two factors of obesity and overfat,the said study recveals that it is not the griound reality.
The study vehemently endorses that even in the sports field, acknowledged sports personnel are also affected by the overfat issues.
It is a wonder or a blunder that the overfat factor spreading to a domain where it is/was expected not to dent at all.
Seeing-believing-experiencing all  in  the shambles for the overfat is overcastting also heavily costing.
This alarming-warning-demanding the actions to rein and not allowing it to reign or ruin the humanity.
When the underfat cases are debated,the researchers.the surveys  opine that about 9-10 percent of the world population in this category is not due to underfed-starvation issues.
The fun-eating habits-ammounting to the lifestyles do not bear 100% reasons for the overfat-underfat issuesthat is eating more/disorderly eating/eating un healthy items/no eating-viz. starvations subscribe to the realities in such regards.
Notions gone-commotions on-omissions-commissions do not bear the actual-the real scientific studies emphasise via studies-reserches.
Then the nut is hard to chew hence it is really knotty.
Exactly ,I wish to quote from bhagavadgeeta,
The lord utters-
It means to say,it is very difficult to understand-“KARMA”- in simple terms we may put it as “ACTION”.
Here this action –of eating,not eating,carelessly eating etc. where the living needs eating-the eating itself is heating-haunting-hunting the general wellbeing.
Wondering-wandering-thundering all in good rhymes no smiles.
The world-the globe is round-no end cannot reach the end or endup.
The study dwells on to point that over the decades the obesity problems has kept on increasing worldover and it stands at a 49% of the world population is in this category.
The analysis finds some clues to the overfat reasons may have some effects from theobesse trends.
We in detail read,re-read the report and did not find where the obesity and the overfat issues could be put in the public domain to see persay in the outward appearences itself.
Though obese-overweight-sagging of some boy parts could be attributed to it,
Yet we see in actions-predominantly thejapanese wrestlers-persay very heavy bodied-venture into this remarkable sports and accomplish.
Can we emphatically say the obesity is a hinderance?
The ansers-the actions speakfor themselves loudly-widely.
However the new world order of a better-healthy global population assumes tremendous strengths to fight the demons of the obesity and overfat facts decisively.
This fight-the success is the succor for demolishing the healthcare costs.
This money whether in the personal capacity or at the concerned governance levels,makes avenues for better-judicious-effective spending(costing the relevant exchequers)-to make the world a happy-sustainable habitat.
It is time to get more knowledge,involve-idulge in commensurate actions to make human living-happier-better-accomplished.
The great samskruta saying-
“SARWE SANTU NIRAMAYAHA”-be established by the concrete-concerted efforts by all the concerned.
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu.


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