THE GREATINDIAN REPUBLIC-made of 128 crores of the citizens is great as a country for all practical reasons. But seldom really the great civilpopulation is of any importance in the matters of death.
The death-caused,natural or otherwise(could be for silly reasons/self made wrongs etc.)-is undoubtedly the end of a human life.
This human life of ordinary amadmi is of no importance as none to project it is really supreme.
Life of the personnel-in duty/on duty/in uniform if the events cause a death for whatso ever reason/reasons then it is “the supreme sacrifice!”
The other though engaged in their duties,earning bread for their dependants-die or made to die-references such as-stampede,agitation,police actions,rly accidents,road accidents,boats capasizing,plane crashes,raging fires etc.-with mercy some times-
Loss of precious lifes,
Loss of innocent lifes,
Loss of nobilities etc. never the contributions of them in the national relevances to term –“the supreme sacrifices!”
Democracy-equality-level playing field all bogus-for ordinary life is just life never of any paramount values.
Police personnel,personnel of the Indian armed forces,personnel of crpf,bsf,paramilitary personnel etc. all of magnanimous values when deaths dawn upon in their regards.
No,we are never against the extraordinary values of those lifes if regarded respected.
Why the rest of the 128 crores of the civilians/lifes –throw-away values?
Let us see just a couple of days earlier,in kolkotta-a flyover under construction came down crshing in the broad day light-in the just started  noon-afternoon time slot.
Many office goers,traders,handcart pullers,rickshaw drivers,cycle rickshawwallas,vegetable vendors,milkvendors,children etc. came under the heavy concrete block and got eliminated,wounded badly.
In the event if there were to be the police personnel,armed forces personnel then the scene-their supreme sacrifice in the line of duty/duties-the projections to the top.
Other human lifes useless-value less-for none to project them to be noble.
Equality-no gender discriminations,equality no businesses discriminations,equality no pay parities etc.that is all to project equal values?
Never every human life supreme?
This is not only paining but even more highly disturbing if really analysed.
Never any media-be them print or electronic ppreciate the ordinary human life to be of extra-ordinary values.
A tv star issue, a money looter issue, celebtities fight in the open,a sportman issue of the sorts are of prime importance to get the coverage of news telecast/broadcast-in 24×7 format.
What a calamity-casuality-hostility-ordinary citizen never of any excellance/s.
This reminds of the famous hindi proverb-
Meaning in chaste English-
The dog of a waherman never important at home or at the washing place.
In samskruta we refer it to- “ITO BRHASHTAHA TATO BRAHASHTAHA!”-
Exactly meaning-an individual  does no purpose here or there wrt his/her accomplishments.
In democracy,we notice hypocracy-importances-irrelevances at the mercies of the dispensations prerogatives.
“SATYAM BRUYAT!”- undoubtedly we should speak the truth-but there should be takers.
Then do we have here the takers  of these these truths?
If yes where are they?
If not  why they are not?
Let the readers’  fraternity-debate,deliberate,discuss and dispose off befittingly-that is real democracy-
For the people,
Of the people,
By the people,
The rest nothing ever.
Let peace and tranquility reign-rain-rule.
R M Sharma,


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