The police horse of the uttarakhand dispensation died the most disturbing,distressing,disgusting death a couple of days earlier to writing this story.
The most inhuman treatments meted out to it by the agitators during the protest show in uttarakhand-dehradun-about a month and over earlier.
This police horse was on his policeduty along with otherpolice force personnel on the sad day.
The mla-sh lakshman joshi who spearheaded the show against the ruling congress govt,for absolutely no valid reasons went beresrkly on the animal and in the course of the dirtyshow,the police horse lost one of its’ hind legs.
Then medication,amputation,artificial leg all got their share to cure the malady.
But the mighty horse lost the charm and after a month post medical treatments, slept at the lotus feet of the creator who delivered him to the world.
Police horse was a policeman on duty and made the supreme sacrifice.
The horse an aimal could not speak,died silently burying the miseries in its’body and the world body wept for the irrepairable separation from the humanity.
The human lot which punished it for absolutely no fault of it,totally bankrupt in humility.
Animal welfair organizations,animal lovers,even the union minister who excels in animal welfair businesses came heavily down on the main culprit the cited local mla.
But never the mla felt the death of shaktiman was purely the cause of his dirty politics.
The daughter of the mla took side of the father and argued the mla was not the murderer.
Poor police horse just young-12yrs old no siblings(for  not married!)-no kids to take the sides of the horse to argue the wrong doings by the politician and his group/s.
The police dept,the ruling govt could only condone the death but never did more to repair the damages to shaktiman.
Now the new doctrines-no animals to be recruited for police jobs in the policesetup etc.
What a nonsensense and nuisense after totally becoming insensitive.
No authorities,wellwishers,liking personnel to persue the case and put the wrong doers who killed the dutybound police horse behind the bars.
The miseries vapourised and vanished in the air leving behind no prints of the dirty things surfaced.
Shaktiman in the heavens,the muscleman who eliminated him/got eliminated-on the earth enjoying the berth of the mla.
The great Indian democracy-the finest example of hypocracy-animal has no rights,man full rights though indulges/indulged in wrong doings.
Aimal caring humans,let shaktiman and started caring for themselves fully.
What the lesson,shaktiman has left behind really if so-
Let the readers debate,deliberate,argue.
If there are stuffs,let them be put in the public domain for the good of-
The society,police force,governance to take note of them.
The terrians,the ground realities,the hardship of performing police duties in the regions of uttarakhand-or such hilly terrins do need these dispensations as alone police personnel cannot deliver thedividends.
That was the reason/s for the police horse to be in place there.
Now,let the alternates make good of the absence of the police horses and yet excel in accomplishments.
May shaktiman rest in peace at the feet of the almighty away from the inhuman humanity.
R M Sharma.


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