It is absolutely true to the fullest extent science is very rational.
It is even truer that sentiments do play the very important decisive role in accepting anything that affects-effects the human life.
When it is iin the dmain of spirituality the friction between science and sentiments is in the pinnacle.
Even the practitioners of science in their daily affairs either by the ways of ther occupying the coveted seats of power –(employment-politics-ratinalist attachments etc)-when they come across are confronted with the rituals-observed-in personal capacities,social outfits,official engagements etc where the sentiments-the age old practices are the prime drivers,the net results sentiments rule-reign and science is rested.
When it affects-effects the public image/societal view points those who would care orought to care for various reasons,then the answers are keeping the safe distances too avoid the criticisms.
Then scince to be interwoven or even interwovened suffers or seen to suffered the very serious setbacks.
This is the hardest truth-we have seen,heard,read even experienced.
The ground reality can never be ignored-downplayed.
With these preambles we dwell upon a very rare-new-novel-innovation by following news story reportedin the daiy deccan herald mangaluru edition dated 10thjune2016.
The story-inspiring-admirable-amazing-the most credible-
An engineer by profession,in mexico city is the brain behind this most novel invention.
A relentless nine years close study realized by the person referred found that the yellow liquid is a power of fuel-(can be used as fire)!
This fire story is really furious when we stretch its’ utility from the western minds ways of thinking away and put in places in our ways of life in this great republic –“mera desh bharat mahan”
For we in this country give more rooms for sentiments than science.
However let us hear what the innovator to reveal the mst vital parts of his findigs so that we can really understand the realities to the core.
The utility of ths invention plays a vital role with the jobs f the astronauts as they find it most needed when they are in space.
In mexico-where the uses f lpg in the house hold jobs-which is also a matter of  effects on climate changes,this new idea outweighs and gains comparatively pivoted place.
All that he suggests the utility f the  yellow liquid-“THE URINE” requires a special container to hold the item well/safely.
The deais the cnversn f the liqud into bigas.
This biogas combustible-when fired serves as a fuel-the power t heat-cook etc.
The innovation suggests after thorough preliminary-long standing studies-to make it a socital benefit many new measures to be implemented.
The most relevant point of the studyis that on an average a human body-a person would prduce 1.4 litres of the yellow liquid per day.
He takes the life of 50years as effective-productive-worth accounting therby the yeld is a huge sum of25550 litres of the item.
Even his studies reveal a 15-20mts. hot shower needs the iem of the  uantity-13to21mls!
That means per hour less than 200mls of the yellow liquid is sufficient.
Then the volume per day of the item produced by urinating 1.4 litres wuld enable 1400 to 1500 mts shwer availability per day.
If we convert this applications to other domains than the only shower utility-then the greter heat-greter uses of the prime yellow liquid would last less than 1400 to 1500mts which we reveald earlier.
The essence the item when used for other reasons-needs can serve aso time of the services accountable.
Let us leave the pondering ther and shift our our focus to more vital points.
Making good of the item-
In social gatherings,
Ino fficial domains,
In market places,
Every where where the item could be saved-collected safely for relevant –discreet-definite-deigned-dedicated uses-then the benefits are abundant,par excellance.
Now,let us turn to the applications in daily life-personal,official ,societal,in holy place etc-
Then the indain sentiments-mentalities accept-reject-keep away from the utilizations is of prime importance/s.
Here we can say on the face f the novel dea the indiann sentiments take sufficient time to adopt the  changeover.
Even if a minority would change quickly,the majority would not that is the hold point.
It iis ever true the growing demands of pwer in any format-manifestaton-needs huge sum of funds t fulfill.
Greter benefits if prices are less and the delvereries are hgher.
Undoubtedly the “yellow liquid theory”-is the best answer  perhaps from the view points of the ivestments.
Investments vs sentiments to be very carefully-methodically weighed before venturing therwise it would undoubtedly boomerang.
The inventor of the power thery-the mexcan engineer has proved-performed-exhibited that normal side effects of the yellw liquid associating itself in its’production- such as-
Smell,saltish,people suffering from bad health etc-
Even then the general public who all alng from time immemorial have treted the item as a item to be kept away from daily life-may not opt the changeover to the regular useful benefits.
The inventr suggests if the item used in the kitchens for the cooking purposes-the preparations of the food items are wrth consumable for the cooking gas leaves behind no smell,colourmchange in taste etc.
Let us turn to the utilities in uge public gatherings-for the purpses of the foods preparations,
In holy places-temples,marriges,house warming ceremonies etc-
Per say only the benefits-uyilities can rule leving behind the ageold practices which are very strongly ably-undisturbingly enjoying the sentiments?
I am of the stongest convictions that on the face of the subject the fight is very tough to adopt the changeover suddenly.
The increased demands of the power-clean energy-at affordable prices,self reliance etc to be put into the relevant positions and the debating-arguing-brain storming  should continue to explicitly exposing all shades and delivering n the god to the humanity all over the world than only the great Indian republic
Which we dwelled upon all along I this presentations.
I am very hopeful the readers’fraternity will go deep into the developments and debate the benefits and delvers the best.
Hoping for the good,
Working for the good,
Encouraging the good going,
Would not go a waste but may be time consuming,
Yet good from the very view poits  public good,
Is always-ever wothy of trying.
We do hope the trials triumph.
Success the strength-wealth the nation needs-deserves.
R M Sharma,


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