The hon’ble highest court of the land viz.”SC” has guided all the dispensations and the general public that road accident victims be hifted to the nearest hospitals very quickly to get the best treatments spontaneously-so that the golden early hours be of great benefits to the needy.
The hon’ble court has amply made it clear that no hurdles by any agencies of governance be a handicap to the noble-noticeble-novel idea-“STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE!”
The very 1st hour after an accident surfaces,the best medical attendance is the life saver 100%
And the same can never be lost for any reasons what so ever they be.
Even then,the public reactions are cold never bold,hold to the nobility.
Po;ice,hospitals are very clearly told how and why the principle put in place.
It is very genuine-common-very reasonably true that in any accident sites the passers by,the general public,the road users are the prime attendants undoubtedly.
If this lot raises to the occasion in letter and spirit then  there no reasons  why the delivery of the dividends go away.
Samaritans are afraid that the harassaments the age old practices and the truths die hardly.
This trust deficit is the demon dismantling the genuine service minds to remain useless.
To some extent,even the hospitals/ concerned medical fraternities would also doubt to stretch their helping hands for the same reasons of the trust maladies.
Let us leve behind the trust shortage and assume no such things are there-
But let us see the hardest ground realities-f
1.aged/young ones(may be young aged-not taken for granted are genuine in their missions of the real helps by the concerned who should have had acted upon at the very beginningand they are physically capable of acting on their own, going guys,
3.those who are on imp businesses of attending exams,interviews,on travels,imp businesses of meeting some authorities on the appointed/pre decided activities etc.
4.the list can go more longer for there are more inputs to that extent,
We   impress that the relevant parties should respect any delays-failures-delayedacts by the individuals who venture into  the noble-marvellous acts of delivering the helping hands-to be respected,regarded,rewarded in very measured qualities/quantities if there are reasons to do so without failures delays.
But,how to ensure this-who accept undoubtedly?
Our solid experiences convictingly puts that no authorities show any truest inclinations to them
If the hon’ble-“SC”- is  pleased to pass suitablythe relief measures then the Samaritans may/definitely find befitting in their involvements in the helping acts.
This then can be given a fair trial/s and the practabilities be checked-measured-improved accordingly.
Now, at this point of time,the situations are very sensitive and need time to consolidate definitely.e
Let the all interested wisdoms be put to brain strorming session/s-let the best results be brought forth to help the society-precisely-the needed lot-the acident victims assuredly.
These results definitely will be of  best benefits to the targeted lot.
Hence we impress upon all the parties, focussedly the readers fraternity to get themselves involved in debating,discussing,arguing and any way to bring out the best results.
Now,we leave it to those to dwell upon to accomplish excellently.
R M Sharma


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