Oral means-outside-surface!
It is often that the experience of intent-intact-intense effect not the dividends offered by oral practices.
Be that be ther for we are not pondering on that front as of now.
Oral-is a must for the-creation,provision,situation do have them in place to function.
To function-effectively-exhaustively-effeciency is to be fine-finest-no compromises on it at all.
To get at the best,the dispensation must be truly befitting-that is hale and healthy.
This health is the national wealth-societal health-community health-that is more nos.-so it is plural that is it exactly-we mean and exhorted earlier.
When sh namo-the hon’ble prime minister of this great republic of india for the first time endorsed that-cooking with conventional utilities-helps-fuels-advances health problems.
It is the smoke which sets the fire of terror on the health front of those who get very easily effected-affected by the smoke they inhale and the health turns pale-then the pain/s –is/are the gain/s!
What a a simple logic which the governance indulges to dislodge to set the new health order of the affected citizens so the population of the great republic will ever bebefitting to deliver the best.
Hence the-lpg for the most poor is a must-the national policy-mooted-met effectively.
Many well to do families gave-up their-provisions of subsidies on the request of the hon’ble pm to do so.
These nos.swelled and the savings gained ploughed to benefit the poor-below bpl population with the gadget and lpg material to better cooking practices and retain the best healthpossible.
This health-saved the wealth-money which otherwise would be a demand to be spent-and helped the general domestic-family needs better met and profits-education,clothing,reading materials etc to be within the reach/affordable to reach which was not the earlier scene.
So oral-real-improved the ground realities-truly.
This is what we mean plural wealth-the nations pride-nothing to hide.
“UJWALA”-the new scheme the hon’ble pm sh namo launched on the 1st may 2016 in a village in up state-is wrth mentioning –for around that only we move more in our presentation here we are engaged.
Give up 1.13 crores of lpg consumers-the subsidies saved helped to provide the lpg system to the below bpl families no.ing to a grand-1.30 crores of households.
The target set by the hon’ble pm sh namo for the entire 5yrs plan target is5crore house holds.
5crore below bpl families-better life-best environments,family members-enjoying good health-the national gain-the plural wealth.
To make this project-wider-better and more inclusive than what it s as of now-we suggest newer-novel-innovative metods.
If give up realizes subsidies’ amount for better utilizations as cited here in the deliberations,will not /must not the avoidance or the diverting of the already collected advance/surety/conditional requirements of the deposits made by the apl lpg consumers-a must item to be exhaustively debated in gret depth.
This amount will undoubtedly swell by value more than the give up sundrome and help better utilizations.
Also those who use lpg-apl families do feel homely for they also effectively concerned to improve the living standards of the below bpl families as we all from the same great nan republic-“mera bharat mahan!”
When the bpl house holds just on the policies-beliefs-thinking of the hon’ble pm sh namo can be equipped with the new awatar of the ujwala benefits,
Should not the apl families-using lpg utilities be trusted and the depsits they made fr the lpg connections be put for better performances?
When the economic conditions favour better-humane considerations for the below bpl house holds to enjoy the benefits of the lpg cooking why not the other population og the gret republic india-apl families-educated,rationale,having permant residential addresses,having-epic-adhar etc identities be trusted and the conditional guarantees-money deposits made fr the lpg utilities be now effectively definitely turned to make more households-under “UJWALA”- a better healthy nos.?
After all if belief is the lone decider why not apl users be believed?
In the event/s if things go wrong the corrections are always at ease for the address is permanent.
What more guarantee than this if needed be made available?
Now the actions-reactions-rebutting the need of the hour.
The speedier  the disposals effected the better dividends delivered.
Let the wisdom of those who are entitled to do so-now let it blossom.
More population benefited,more population involved-inclusiveness the god medicine to keep the country united-committed-contended.
We put our arguments before the most revered readers’ fraternity to ponder,deliberate,discuss,argue all faces effectively-exhaustively-exclusively.
Let the benefits come handy to improve the ground realities and more and more below bpl house holds enjoy the great “UJWALA”-dividends.
The need  of the hour best addressed dresses all odds and present a healthy-wealthy-satisfied society.
The pride of the country high lends every citizen the sigh of relief-really.
R M Sharma,


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