We now dwell upon a very importantant and matter of  national interest on which the hon’ble PM “shri namo”delivered in his 22nd edition of “MANN k KI BATH!”-on 31stjuly @1100hrs on the AIR DELHI.
The honn’ble PM shrinamo went in great details about the importance of “teak wood!”-its availability,uses,growing on a very big scale in the country and making selfreliant in this regard to save-
The precious foreign exchange(money),
Helping the farmers t make bigger earnings,
Adding to the improvements in the preservation of better nature-helping-improved health enthusiasm-national integrity-better engagements-better building of societal understandings etc.
The very idea-farmers distressed-severally punished for not getting remunerative dividends for their products-the great worry for the community and the country-alternative measures-ever demanding improvements finds valuable helps in the growing of teak wood-plantation in the land holdings of every farmer-on the sides of his land-when grown up trees-
Value wise money,
Materialwise-inputs for-furnitures raw material,
Raw material in the building of houses-doors,windows etc,
Saving of the very important foreign exchange for the central govt which therwise wuld have to be sent in imporing the item from other counties outside –india.
Here the stress is on the new mindset-practices-plantation culture!
The hon’ble PM shri”namo” cited very good example that-
In a marriage ceebration in Maharashtra state the parents observing the marriage celebrations-gave the novel-noble presentations-“mango saplings”-in memory –honour to the members attended the marriage.
In plasic wasted items collected from the utilized-abaanded used items-small plants placed in them-a virtual  green wall was erected in the premises of rajasthan railway station in rder to give a new look to the public utility dispensation.
He further exhorted that such new-notable thoughts helps a better  societal setup-mind pleasing-easing scene is worthy of every  backing and due appreciation.
This reminds us of a similar situation some time in the past-around our residential  sorroundings-in an important  occasion/observation the responsible personnel presented literary works in the printed book format as a token of memory/regards to the members present during the celebrations.
Here the difference-one conservation/increasing the greeneries and the other a blow to the nature precisely-the nature-greeneries-book-paper-murdering the trees for the production of the commodity-paper.
The two  present two shades of the mindset exactly-poles apart-
One the”SAVER”-the other the-“SHAVER”1
Will not this hoe the citizens should proceed-practise-persue?
Such many examples in our kitty though present,we stop here for we have now delvered home the truestmaterial definitely.
So, we stress more newer,nobler,healing thoughts galore and keep gaining more and more provisions.
This culture would offset the harm in regard of the fracturing the nature wherein now the “AFFRESTATION”-is a national movement-“wruksharopan-growing trees”-
In the recent parliament  sessions-a sum of Rs.42000 crores is earmarked fr this noble idea.
Is not this growing teak wood by the farmers on the sides-boundaries of their landholdings-
Is innovative,remunerative,noble,possible,curative?
The new mindset-sets the goal-incucates newer culture-greater contributions.
All in the public good and the national interests.
“the very slogan-NATION FIRST!”-here gets the boost worthy of all bests and basts practically.
Really speaking the farmer need not much of his resources in this cultivation as a primary care takes the mission longway.
The dividends when realsed is of utmost satisfactions and worths-100% surely.
All that is required-“where there is a mind there s a way”-this school f thought to be nursed-nurtured definitely.
Newthings-encoraging-engaging-energitic-really pragmatic-magic-music –all good for the humanity.
Good for humanity-undobtedly-divinity.
Divinity-worshiping the nature-great relief for all the dds and bads.
When the expansion of the green coverage-a national-global requirement,
A practical lesson for the young generation-is not farming community  engaging itself fully in this teak plantation is all praise worthy apart from fetching the price and the prize too definitely?
An intiative a must is also just thatis it all.
Let the “teak”-“sab ko tik kar khushiya laye!”
Nature the great teacher guide us to the glory and bury all the worries.
No worries-no wars-no bars-peace and tranquility-the magnanimity-be the diety-of this great Indian republic
R M Sharma


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