The flying of kites,in the childhood is indeed a play.
To that extent undoubtedly,it is really kiddying.
But professionals do indulge in kite flying,take part in competitions,move to many parts of the globe eith the message ofsocietal wellbeing,harmonious living,etc. to help the humanity to live in peace and tranquility.
In our country,bharat,in many states,the kite flying is a celebration and observed with great respect,regard,pomp,devotion.
Be them be there,let us ponder on the issue with relevances, contempory excellences to drive home the realities firmly.
Kite flying-the thread used having glass coating-detrimental to human life has  delivered the worst-the deaths.
Here the judiciary has put its’ strong hand to tatally abandon the kite flying with the dangerous thread/s.
The ugly part hers is the dangerous material from chaina  as thread ending the breadas thread ending the bread earner and the concerned family/ies in total sorrow.
The saga-child play turning into the devil play-the great evil of the day.
Now let us move away from the play to power-energy.
This energy-the need of the hour is mighty-hence the dealing is bright.
A very simple manifestation a boon to the humanity.
This is really amazing –amusing-innovative.
The kite turning into a power station of the future-the real solution to the energy crisis.
This is a bliss for two reasons-
1.the augmentation of the power.
2.the production of clean power-no carbon traces.
So ,dwelling on the subject is  of utmost importance in the present context.
As per the news stories in the print media, the power station built by  using kite/s is in Scotland- is the first of the kind.
As per the great personality of Microsoft-mr bill gates,who is a strong mover of the green energy dispensations,the total energy needs,will have the 10% contribution from this noble-notable  kite power stations.
So definitely this is the bright part of the greatness of the kite play.
Can anybody/should anybody down play the wonder?
Here the greatest plus point is no govt subsidy-help is a must which normally a must in other versions.
The interesting part of the idea is kytoons-meaning-kites and ballons to make the power stations flying in the high altitudes.
Plenty of air,clean air,no disturbances,quite of high speeds/velocity a great impetus to the production activities.
As a pilot project models built,tied and found the worth,now the enthusiasts are venturing into building a 500 kilowatts system.
This is to be built in  a southern Scottish town.
The flying heights of 450 metres,the size of the kite-40mtrs wide are points worthy to be noted.
The generation is continuous.
It is found that about 1000 kites working simultaneously would produce electricity-the power-
Equivalent to the output of-Hinkley point C nuclear power station.
The great 5 resources-“PANCHA BHUTAS”- one of them the air-“Vayu”-the gift of the almighty to its’ creation-is a decoration to the world in the form of energy readily usable-is indeed a boon to the mankind.
Hence the innovation is a revolution-should become a passion-no compassion,emotion-only the promotion of better living conditions.
Let us salute the creator and the creative mind he produced for the eternal good of the humanity.
Greater the proximity-rearer the calamity-the magnanimity the reality.
Let us celebrate the great idea and the people of the idea.


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