Judgement – Ramachandrapura Mutt-A common man’s view


G K Bhat
A news of final verdict by the court of the Additional Civil and Session judge at Bangalore, delivered on 31st March 2016, made big headlines. The judgement was on the alleged rape case in which the Swamiji of Ramachandrapura Mutt was made accused by a lady called PremalathaDiwakar. The case was based on an afterthought a counter blast complaint was lodged by the daughter of Mr DiwakaraShastry and Mrs PremalathaDivakara by name M.s AmshumatthyShastry on 26.08.2014 (Page No 9 of the judgement).
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There is no requirement of explaining the case further since the case was making headlines ever since the registration of above complaint. Before writing this article,I have gone through the copy of the judgement in detail, line by line, word by word and in between the lines and words. There was lot of discussions and opinions telecasted through electronic and print media by experts. As a common man what I understood is; the case is a false case or a counter case against the case filed by the representative of the Sri Mutt ,against the above couples for allegedly blackmailing the Mutt of ransom. As mentioned in the judgement, there werealso, lot of previous attempts made against the mutt to tarnish the image of Sri Mutt.
The judgement was accepted, welcomed with open arms by  majority of the people, print media and electronic Medias except a small group of  people, a particular TV Channel and a particular newspaper. Since the beginning of the case this particular newspaper and the TV Channel were publishing the case in a negative manner with their own pre conceived thinking, their own -judgements and comments against Sri Mutt and Guruji. Further these Medias were cleverly putting their cleverly designed words to show the general public , the Guruji in a defamatory form. These two selected medias and some of the supporters ,even after the judgement of the court , in which the Guruji was given clean chit , continued their false propaganda , saying that , the Guruji was involved with the Lady in an ill intimacy. They are doing it by twisting the real meaning of the court order and arguing  theGuruji should quit the Peetha.
When the judgement clearly worded that the case was based on an afterthought a counter blast complaint. Therefore in a single word court has put its verdict that, the entire case, witnesses and theory of the case are fabricated. Further each one of the allegation levelled by the Prosecutrix was clearly analysed by the honourable court and given their comment. If we read these comments of the judgement, each allegation was found to be fabricated at every point. If so, how far it is correct, taking a small portion of the wordings of the judgement in isolation and further arguing that the Guruji is involved in ill-intimacy with a Lady who is about 14 years older than him?
If we read the small segment of the word , which above people and media are using according to their convenient and a weapon to argue that the Guruji should quit the Peetha, since he had the ill-intimacy with above lady .The said sentence  has been mentioned by the honourable court , in a context to refer a hypothesis of the theory of the case that “The prolonged sexual relationship,  if it is there between the accused and Prosecutrix , then that may be looked as an ill-intimacy and not attracting the section 375 of IPC, which is amounting to rape”. Therefor even with a little common-sense of a person, definitely it is not amounting to predict that such intimacy was there. Nowhere in the entire 119 page judgement, the honourable judge, evr mentioned that the supporting evidences furnished to the court about ill-intimacy between the accused and prosecutrix is strong enough to prove the theory of ill-intimacy between Guruji and Prosecutex.
The main question required to be answered by the readers is, “how far such propagandas by the media and few people of the society is going to impact the society? As per the writers opinion, the common man will be going by these misinformation misleading fake facts projected by the medias and people for their personal benefit. Will it good for the society? How far it is good to break the society by misguiding and diverting the people from the real facts?
If the above is one side, on the other hand, the group of people who are supporting the Mutt also found over rejoicing, over doing and using very low level languages against the group of the people who are against the Mutt and Guruji.
During the interviews to the media ,Guruji was repeatedly stating that he is neither happy nor sad, but feeling relieved from a major conspiracy . Guruji was mentioning that people have to maintain the balance. Gurji was mentioning that he got no enmity or anger on the people went against him , also he was mentioning that , he is ready to take them back to Sri Mutt, provided they come with clean concious and devotion  to the Mutt.
The duty of every follower of Guruji and Sri Mutt , to go by Guruji’s words and the path shown by him , if we are real devotees of the Mutt and followers of Guruji. That will be the strength of our entire society and community in particular. The infighting is always divides the community, thus weakens the entire community. When the community is weak definitely the out siders who are against the community will take advantage of it and make mockery of the infight of the community. This is not only a blow to the community and followers of Guruji but for entire Hindu society/Hinduism. Guruji is trying his level best to unite the community and develop the community. Therefore it is our duty to support him and follow his words, if we are really his followers. Sometime people may feel it difficult because pardoning the people who have done wrongs to the community is not an easy job, but still we have to do it for the betterment of the community.
Whatsoever the reason may be, the entire episode is very unfortunate. It is our duty to set it right and maintain the dignity of the community, Sri Mutt and our Guruji.


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