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Marriage is definitely a milestone in life of every person. When a person get married, the responsibility of maintaining his wife is on him,because, both husband and wife are becoming part of each other’s life.  So as when we install any business supporting system, which becomes part of the business. That has to be maintained properly. We discussed in detail about CCTV system in our previous articles as part of security management system. Once the system is installed, that has to be maintained properly, else we will not get the desired productivity of the system.  We did not discuss the maintenance part of the system in our topics. We will discuss the maintenance system of all the loss preventive systems, like CCTV system, Fire safety system, intruder alarm systems, access control systems etc., at the end. Some of these systems, we have already  discussed and some we are yet to discuss.  As mentioned in our previous topic, now we will start discussing about the fire safety systems and its importance.
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Fire safety is one of the most important subject which every person working in any of the industry /establishment must know. Fire when used in a right way, with proper control, it is highly productive and essential in every walk of life of a human being. But when it is not used properly and not controlled, will become destructive and most dangerous. Therefore understanding the faire safety management is very essential for the people who are working as managers in  industries/establishments. Fire safety management can be divided into various sub groups as

  1. Prevention
  2. Detection
  3. Alarm and warning
  4. Restriction and compartmentation
  5. First aid firefighting equipment
  6. Major firefighting equipment
  7. Fire safety organisations, role and emergency procedures
  8. Training, fire safety symbols and guidelines.

When we discuss about fire safety system, we cannot go as per our will and wish. Fire safety has to be dealt according to certain guidelines which are accepted at the national and international levels. Some of the essential guidelines are mentioned below.

  1. Factory rules and acts
  2. Fire safety rules related to Shops and establishment act
  3. Respective state rules related to the buildings
  4. National Building code
  5. TAC rules (Basically for insurance purpose).
  6. IS Standards
  7. NFPA guidelines (International standards).

Most of the fire safety equipment are manufactured according to the international standard. There are standardised symbols, gages of the materials, quality, size and dimensions etc., which are scientifically designed to suite the fire prevention and firefighting. In our future topics we will be discussing these topics according to various rules and guidelines. However we will not be discussing various equipment used by fire brigades and expert firefighting teams. The reason is, such equipment are generally not used by the industries and industrial fire prevention, firefighting teams. Whenever we discuss any of the equipment and systems related to fire safety, as far as possible, we will be quoting the relevant rules/standards.
Basic purpose of our article related to Industrial fire safety  management is to explain and guide the related managers, engineers , security and administrative managers and their teams to understand minimum basic requirements related to fire safety of an industry/organisation/establishments, to prevent the loss by fire and related incidents.
We will start our discussions, with a basic information related to fire and subsequently build up the understanding to the higher level in our subsequent topics.
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