It is in the public domain as of now,that a bus driver in Brisbane-Australia was  burnt while on the duty.(poured some inflammable liquid in front of the bus passengers)
This driver was from Indian origin.(Punjabi community also a well known Punjabi singer in that soil)
The great life was lost in the distant place far away from the homeland india.
It is repeatedly said that the magnanimity/ies of the personnel in the Indian armed forces,state police dispensations, para military personnel,and of the sort-
When the lives lost in these utilities, it is proudly told that the death-
Death while on the duty,
Very great sacrifice,(supreme sacrifice)
Heroic death etc.
We never down play these facts,
Indeed we respect with the greatest respects,regards and salute those serving personnel from the bottom of our heart.
It is very sad ,also we get disturbed when we see/watch,read,hear the death of others(inmany /different walks of life) which on any accounts less than the dignified heroic deaths reported regularly as said above.
The said bus driver-the public service-serving the city in the country Australia-died on duty.
Is not this heroic to that extent?
Let us leave it there, then we notice the repurcassion/developments-the Indian govt-the hon’ble PM, intervining in the matter and interacting with the counterpart in Australia.
Is it just that the death of the indian origin driver pushes this for the said actions therein
Endorsing the national feelings?
It is the country Bharat-a population of 125+ crores of people-the 125+ crores the owner of this great Indian republic,every citizen has the due part in making-building-progress of the nation.
Then ,is not losing ormade to lose even a single life for reasons whatsoever-a great loss genuinely?
Then is not the loss of any life   a national loss?
Is not this loss a very great loss?
Is not the great loss-heroic-of prime values?
Why there should be discrimination  of the deathsthen?
We did read in our school days (English texts)-
It means,after the death,all are equal for the only reason-
The last rites-either,burning,burying thework unique-equal-absolutely non-discreminating.
But ,it is very sad,in reality the said equality is not in placeare many illustrations could be quoted if need be.
But we leave it there.
Why so?
Who is responsible?
What-where, the way out in this regard?
Where the succor is?
It is a well known truth that-very great deaths (so decided by the great  and the reasons ought to be known to them only definitely)-
The dead bodies-
Covered with the Indian tricolor(the national flag!)
National mourning,halfpost heights for the national flags to fly!,
All/many official programmes cancelled during the mourning period/s!
Lakhs of rupees paid in compensation-
Both to the deceased and the family concerned,
Also more of the sorts to wipe off the terrible losses!
Also full military honours,state police honours,centralgovt. honours depending upon the said death while las t rites are performed as per the set procedures/customs/wishes etc.(family opinions of the deceased).
Only  a few/small in nos. are the most befitting beneficiaries here-
The rest(dead) wrecked—rocked-dumped, and no relief even a bit for these lot.
No compassion,no passion-only the refusal,
The selected and the rejected(non selected).
The great Indian democracy-
Did not raise to the occasions in the matters-precisely-focussedly in the matters of the death of many-untold,unheard,unsung lots never great for the so called great minds-hearts-souls.
Indeed here the death absolute never great is the truth.
Who cries for them,who helps them,who raises for them?
Any how the dead with lord “YAMA”,
Their families in naraka,
Where is swarga?
Not-never in sight.
Raga,suraga,saraga if not well knit,the knot becomes-naughty, knotty-
“brahma gantu”
Then the creator-lord rBrahma should descend to the earth to unearth the wealth.
I am of the strongest opinion that every death must be treated with-
Humanity,humility,magnanimity-(the essence of values),
For we are democratic-nothing dramatic- really.
Let the revered readers’ fraternity make its’finest decisions because that is the most befitting move in/for/of  democracy.
This people’s movement delivers the dividends truely-timely-qualitatively.
“swastihi prajabhyaha,
Paripalayantu  nyayena margena mahim mahishaha”
Equality is divinity.
Divinity is the magnanimity-maturity-purity.
R M Sharma


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