The creations of the almighty-wonderful-amazing-amusing-very hard to understand/decode.
Though specific-distinct-discrete at times illusive too.
It is ought to be so for there no parallels for the accomplishments of the lord.
There is philosophy,phinothrophy yet murmering is inevitable.
Let us turn to the realities to really get to the bottom of the  two shades of humanity-almost in nearly 100%identical incidents-they put  exactly opposite performances.
The reality-accident.
The effect life in extreme dangers.
Both the incidents as per the media reports on the same date viz.14thapril2016.
Almost in not ver faraway locations.
One in Mumbai,the other in Punjab.
Except one during the night the other during the day time.
In Mumbai,during a night travel 2 motorbike riders-independantly driving the vehicle met with the accident on the highway.
It was not late in the night.
Lot of people kept mving along the roads-quite busy.
None of the people who were present at the site of the mishap ever went to the help of the victims.
They were mere-mute spectatots.
It appears to the others who were away from the site of the accident how inhuman it was.
Undoubtedly it is on the face of it definite.
Added to it,a police vehicle on patrol duty at the same time passing through the area did not bother to raise to the occasion.
The reason by the driving crew of the patrolpolice vehicle their mandate was patrolling not any thing away fromit what so ever.
Reasons may be rational but never humane.
Totally the two whose lifes couldhave been saved did not materialize and the end did occur.
The other story-in Punjab,a family was near a canal where waterflow was quite severe,depth of the water quite high.
The wife of the family accidentally lost grip of the feet and slipped and fell into the canal.
The waterflow quite fast  worked hard and pulled the woman fast,past the collected group of the people ther at that point of time.
The woman cried for help.
The husband,applied his mind spontaneously and removed the turban(the sikh family was the affected) from his head and threw it at the woman in distress.
The woman,aptly made use of the finest relieverand held fast the turban firmly by her hand.
The husband on the bank of the canal pulled her to safety.
The precious life saved.
Now let us see the 2 shades of humanity-one not caring the other caring 100%
The contrast-though the saving of the life in danger is the core matter-
The after effects are very important.
On the high way,if the onlookers did really get to the job,it would be a commendable matter.
But the effects,police reporting,enquiry,meeting the authorities as and when they demand such intricacies will definitely hamper the routine works of the helpers if they had indulged in performing it.
Their questions where the guaranttes that the helping hands will not be put to any hardships?
None trust the police setup which puts the helpers to immense difficulties.
Hence normally the right thinking public do not venture to perform tose duties though they intend to.
Does not this reflect thebad shape of the justice administrations?
Can anybody dispute the intrawovenugliness there?
In the second case,taking for granted there will be same police activities as in the earlier case,but her the family the unit binds and prepares to face all odds.
The difficulties if were to be borne,they have-utilities,urposes,achievements,accomplishments,satisfactions etc.
Hence the shades though poles apart do deliver the lessons of fruitfulness.
Those who see-understand-become one with the happenings find the differences definite but purposeful.
That is why the gitacharya in bhagwadgita endorse the theory-
“yaha pashyati, saha pashyati!”-
Meaning to say not merely seeing but living with the seen is the cote of the truth.
This unique truth is the driver-deliverer-healer.
R M Sharma


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