How people (Dalits in particular) are misguided


Misguiding the people out of no knowledge or half knowledge is one category of the people in the society.The other category of the people are knowingly well about everything but misguiding the people for their benefits. Both type of people are harmful to the society. Such misguiding results in dividing the society into segments and thus creating the gap between thepeople.This leads to hate and enmity in the society. I read at many places and heard some speeches by few leaders or so called intellectuals that, Manusmirti lead the varnas or castisum in the society, which  further lead to untouchability, which is a sin of the society. Further these people are also advocating that, Brahmins are the custodians of this law and they are the main culprits. Giving examples like Bali Chakravarthy is a Dalit King and he had been kicked and pressed into “PathalaLok “by a Brahmin boy. So Brahmins are always kicked and suppressed the Dalits.
Let us understand the word “Manu” first. Do Manu is name of any person? Manu is not any name of a person but a period being counted for certain duration. If we clearly understand the Manu Smriti, this is set of rules and regulations or laws written by various people or a group of people to run the society in a systematic way. It is believed that the “Smriti” was written in somewhere between 300 BCE and 200 CE. This was written according to the society and belief of those days. It is also written that “Shruti” is always above “Smriti” and if there is any deviation in Smriti , the Shruti is superior and one has to go by Shruti , not according to “Smriti”.
“Shruti or Sruti” is nothing but Vedas and Upanishads, which are written thousands of years before the “Smriti” is written. If we go through the Vedas and Upanishads, there is no “Varnas or Casts” mentioned in it whereas, it is mentioned in “Smriti”. Therefore, if the society, according to the present condition and requirements, doesn’t need to go by “Varnas” can go according to the guidelines of Vedas and Upanishads, where segments of the society is not mentioned and not required. There is no requirement of targeting any segment or community for the same. Coming into the examples like king Bali and Vamana , let us go bit in detail taking this particular example , so that we will come to know how people are fooled cleverly by so called intellectuals. King Bali was not at all a Dalit and Vamanawas not at all a Brahmin.
King Bali was the great grandson ofHiranyakashipu the grandson of Prahlada and son of Virochana. All are from Asura sect of people, whom those days considered as Dhanavas and enemies of Sura’s or Devas or Devathas. King Hiranyakashipu was killed by lord Vishnu, since Hiranyakashipu hated lord Vishnu whereas all his descendants, Prahallad, Virochan and Bali were strong believers of lord Vishnu and worshipped lord Vishnu. As per Hindu mythology, since king Bali was planning to attack Lord Indra and his kingdom, Vishnu wanted Bali to be placed in “PathalLoka “. So he came as Vamanaand pressed him into PathalaLoka by putting his foot on king Bali’s head.
If we go further into detail,Vamana was incarnation of lord Vishnu and a small boy, who born to a Sage or Rishicalled Kashyap and his wife Aditi. Kashyap was son of Mirichi , who was one of ten ManasaPutras of Lord Brahma who is considered as creator of the humanity. Devas, Dhanvas, Gnadhrvas ,Nagasect. are the children of Kashyap by his various wives. Aditi is also daughter of Daksha Prajapathior King Daksha. King Daksha is also one of ManasaPutras of lordBrahma.
I have mentioned bit of information above, because linking Dalits and King Bali and depicting him as a Dalit king is highly irrelevant and incorrect. When lord Vishnu came as a small boy and pressed king Bali into “PathalaLok” there was no varnashramas or castisum. The Puranas in which the story of King Bali was written much before the script “Manusmriti” was written. The people who are spreading the false information and advocating Manusmrithi, which is the document created to divide the humanity into four “Varnas” or accusing this document as worst enemy of humanity , thus making Brahmins are responsible for making Dalits as untouchable , should understand that they can advocate any such thing but fact is deferent. Their advocacy and argument is totally irrelevant and the facts are not at all linked to each other.
If they are accepting as mentioned in their propaganda, king Bali is a Dalit, they are calling Dalits as Dhanavas or Demons, which is highly objectionable and incorrect. These sort of propagandas or half-baked, meaningless information are used by so called intellectuals to create gaps between the people and thus develop the rivalry and hate between the human beings, for their benefits. Personal benefits, which damages society should be opposed and discouraged. The fact and reality should be used as counter weapons against these false propagandas. Educating the people with truth and facts is responsibility of every citizen of the country.Therefore it is my small attempt and  first step towards educating the people against such false propaganda.
G K Bhat


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