Foot ball a play and worldwide well known-watched,appreciated,sponsored,
Perhaps the most enjoyed,cherished,relished,rewarded play where moneywise crores of dollars
Involved in it.
The players paid,awarded,rewarded,admired by crores of enthusiasts world over.
It is an important event in the western countries.
Apart from regular matches,the most credited worldcup mathes take place regularly.
Apart from the appreciations,there are instances where even severe fights have surfaced-
Between,among the contesting teams not by the players but by their supporters,fans.
Play-sport-sportsman spirit-enemity to the fore a great horror.
There are instances where celebrities-players of great achievements decorated by the concerned govt of the relevant countries in honour of the coveted accomplishments.
Sports really sportive.
This is the fine-fair face of the game.
But it is sad or even of utmost concern that extraordinary players confronted with the devil of headaches-not of the ordinary remedied by ordinary tablets/hot coffee/hot tea.
The real ache-damage-inside grave disorders in the head-precisely-loss of/impair of memory.
The dangers to memory the severe shock-the play-enjoyment gone.
Disorders set in.
This would really need a very medical correction.
Repeatedly heading the football during the plays results in the loss of memory  for the whole day.
The scientists who studied the act,checked 20 players by subjecting them to head the ball 20 times.
The ball was shooted by using a machine simulating the reality 100% as they happen in the real play in/on the play grounds.
To come to the conclusion of the loss of memory-the method employed-
Testing the brain function before and after the heading actions.
The test results recorded that the loss was of the order-
Though the disorder is of a limited time period,but the players who keep playing regularly,continuously,keep heading,the damages are significant,relevant very serious.
The experts-scientists opine the severeity assumes greater notices as the effects are degenerative and the performances of the brain get heavily jolted.
The news story which reported this special item from London,
States that the findings were published in the journal-E Bio Medicine.
We have read many crucial games won by heading in the most important times of the plays.
The sports lovers cheer,enjoy,celebrate on the very successful heading delivering the fruits.
The real header heads to the great disturbances,difficulties,disgustions which may be known to him,or even not known.
Play-enjoyments, winning country in very high spirits –award-reward-decorations-admirations galore.
The horror inside-horrible in due course of time losses unimaginable.
Foot ball-the play-turning fatal-
In summary-fine outside,the devil inside.
An individual/a no. of individuals suffer-sacrifice,a lot enjoys,celebrates.
This is life-the foot delivering the fatal.
Is there sports spirit or killer spirit-the hader the posesser.
Passion for the game,
The game of fashion,
The compassion-commission or omission?
The great samskruta saying emphasizes-
Which means,for the good/better of the lot,one has to sacrifice or one to be sacrificed.
This is reflected even better in the sayings-
Bahu jana sukhaya,bahu jana hitaya.
But the saddest part-in the bahu jana the sacrficer is not there.
Life is amazing,mesmering,miserying yet keeps others enjoying.
He who sees the good should also experience the bad-
“yaha pashyati saha pashyati”.
Life for enjoyment or keep others enjoying-
The philosophy-drives every thinker to dwell upon it.
Hence we leave it for the due dweling-deliberations to that extent.
R M Sharma


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