The title is a well known English proverb.
It summerises that every creation by the supreme power is excellent in its’ existence and never any comparison would  deprive theprevileges delivered to it by thedivinity.
The dog- a creature so near and dear to the mankind is often found to get the skewed priority by the very humankind which is at times found to be very unkind.
The reasons for the rough and tough treatment meted out it by the concerned,we do not get the clue or take any cue whatsoever in the regard.
The animal-dog has come out of ages.
From days of puranic periods to this 21st most modern electronic age.
Eversince the beginning by now we are in the 4th YUGA-viz. “kali”-

  1. Kruta yuga,
  2. treta yuga,
  3. dwapara yuga,
  4. Kali yuga.

We do not what follows after the incumbent kali is over.
Be the dispensation of the yuga story be left there and we dwell upon most relevant and the contemporary issue-“the dog menace-penance-repentance!”
We donot have any worthy input put in place about the magnanimity of the creature the dog in regard of the 1st yuga-kruta.
However  even in reg. of treat yuga, we donot on hand have any reportable inputs in the matters of –dog-in its’ excellance or otherwise.
Hoever there are plenty-wealthy-worthy-stories-magnanimities-amazing inf. About dog in the yuga of dwapara.
The most important  classic testimony-‘BHAGAWADGITA”-the lord quotes about the dog on various occasions.
No expert-“PANDITAHA”- can differentiate a dog to be inferior-for all samadarshinas-who see the real truth also find the animal dog in its’ parexcellent creation.
Lord dattatreya-the sibling of sagecouple-atri-anasuya,has by his side-“a threeheaded dog!”
Dharmaraya-yudhishtira after the 18 day long historic-spiritual Mahabharata war on his ascending to the above loka-swarga-accompanied one but 4 dogs.
To that extent the importance of dog is highlighted it is also worthy of a due place in swarga.
If we solidly-focussedly get deeper into the modern world away from the puranic ages-in kaliyuga-the present master-in almost all  geographic domains we notice the prime importances of dog closely connected to the human habitat.
In the days of history,the ruler-“ULISIS”- when he died in the fight,his accompanying pet dog in the battle field cried and slept along with the master in permant sleep-the devotion-dedication to his lord.
The country  RUSSIA-put the dog by name –“lyka”- in its’ space vessel when it flew to the planet moon.
In the police administrations all over the world,the dog-a perfect detector-“snipping dogs”-a special squad raised to help thetask unblemishedly completed.
In the routine life,almost all households own a dog for the security reasons-jobs and of sorts.
Even importeddogs-intelligent dogs-costlier,dearer are very common.
Healthy-wealthy food-preferably special biscuits-specially manufactured by branded cos. Are worth of due mentioning here.
In the western civilian life-even owners make very hefty insurances in the favour of their pretty-domestic friend dog.
In the calamities,disasters,accidents,ther are instances which attract the public  attentions to the marvelous jobs done by this pretty animal which are no less than miracles.
Saving life,calling police on telephone lines,driving a motor vehicle,fighting with a terror-thief when he/she breaks in to the privacy o the lord/lady who own it and have it with them as companion.
A dog-friend in need is also a friend indeed.
The dog exhibitions-“the kennel shows”,
The dog sport competitions-running races-very common,
The dogs-best dressing exhibitions,
The valid –valued advt. in the print media-sale of varieties of the puppies,
Import of the rare species by the moneywallas,
The dog accompanying the families,the lords on their outingsp-
Etc highlight the  prominence of the animal in the civic life and the societal setup of the day.
There are many horrible stories on the counter effects of the said animal-
Dog bite-dangerous needing specailal medicare,
The dog menace-over population-spreading of epidemic diseses,
Mass killing of the animals by the local bodies to contain the wrogs rendered by them-mostly-lifting away of the new borns in the uncared hospitals etc.,
The life of a dog is enchanting,romantic,worthy of all appreciations-yet the disadvantage-the most civilian,much educated individuals indulging in the  anti animal activities attrct-animal caring organizations to raise hue and cry when unkind is the kind of treatments  let lose on them.
To that extent many states,organizations,dispensations are in news for the very eliminations-killing of them mercilessly.
Coming down to the individuals,or a  group of individuals-(about 4 or so in nos!”)-
In the recent past- an individual-kept on killing the animal-repetedly on the platforms of the delhi metro-featuring on the beaming of the national tv channels-from delhi,
A medical  educated brute in Chennai-throwing the animal from the terrace of a storyed building,a friend of him  shooting the  happenings in his mobile phone,enjoying the animal hitting the ground below an d bursting into loud –crude laughter,
A group of individuals-4 or so-throwing acid on the dogs,
Mass killing of the animal-dog-burrying them in kerala state,
A lady-in bengaluru-getting rid of the animal about its’ hevy barkings
Etc. are some stories we report here.
Police cases,agitations by the pet caring ngos, civic unrest by the general public,many mass communications have made valid reportings.
Even celebrated print media excellent have made valid-valued editorials.
Even the law dispensation authorities have also got into the field and have played most remarkable roles.
To the extent,the dog story has gained most important place in the society.
All these revealatinos do undoubtedly establish the very importances of the animal – “the dog!”- very ecellantly.
So we can summerise to say that-
Is of all the due importances accordingly.
On these days-all over the country-the great Indian republic-“mera bharat mahan!”-
Has many stories about the holy –“COW!”-
Whether holy or not the dog story is also a  fit competitor to the cow.
Only the difference-the cow is even spoken by the hon’ble THE P.M.-shri namo,
But this favour is not ther for the dog as of now-for it has no mentioning by the hon’ble THE P.M.-shri namo as such.
But both the animals-the cow and the dog have a very equal mentioning in the great work bhagawadgita by the geetacharya in the same stanza-this the speciality-whether the humanity finds the equality or not the spreme power has not differentiated-
“that is sawe bhutahiterata”-the great quality of the supreme lord the creator-
The creator”s creation fails to recognize the importances of the creations!
It is true divinity-is magnanimity!
Humanity-is  mentality not for equality-the befitting example-the dog –cow row-
Did not make any eyebrows to accomplish establish-
No bliss,
No bless,
Only less
That is the lesson indeed undoubtedly.
R M Sharma


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