There is absolutely no wonder I I say that there is positive matters in death.
I know some may grt annoyed for death-a loss ought to be arithmetically a loss.
Any loss is bound to be a negative impact.
So death cannot be a positivity source.
There is nothing wrong in this logic for it is really well founded.
But death of an individual a loss can also be,so really impacted life of others positively.
So this is the real positivity in the real sense in the relevant context.
So the lord when said to arjuna-
“yaha pashyati saha pasyati”-is indeed real.
Now let us go on pondering on the subject and get at the roots to precisely-focussedly to establish the theory of the positivity.
The death of an individual-a human being-can be seen living in an other individual if the contribution/s find the utilities.
This utility makes the dead livin g and visible in the society but in a newer manifestation.
So the positivity-a boon to the humanity is a gem worthy of all regards-respects and copying too.
This is exactly the organ donation.
There is no bado not buy the bargain as it is philonthrofic not commercial.
There is divinity in organ donation for it is for the good of the humanity.
The great saying service to a human is the service to the god.
This is nice-noble-notable definitely.
There are odds for this even to fail.
Conservations-conservatives do insist upon no organ from the dead body to be removed at all.
The last rites with all organs should be buried,consigned to the flames as per the set protocols of the relevant beliefs of the concerned families.
But as of now,there are changes in the philosophy,thinking,practices,lots of logics,debates,deliberations,actions,approaches.
Now relevance the driver,delivery the master,benefits the reality.
So organ donation-instead of a view point now-a days a law permitting the nobility.
Organ donation,organ transplanting-logical,legal puts all malpractices,commercial interests totally matted down upholding the human values inherited in the mission.
To that extent all organs possible to be used in other human beings where they need because of the sheer needs gain prime importances.
Al over the world this noble idea has gained great respects and regards.
So also in our great nation bharat mera mahan.
As per reports,findings,surveys etc.-
Deaths due to overdosing,wrong dosing,addictions so on so forth,the consumers-patients,habitual,addicts die.
These deaths give room for organ removals from the dead bodies.
The removed gems beautify the other living beings by providing a better,blissful life.
So the dead is living in the new form.
This is really amazing,adorning,amusing.
All is needed is just-kindness –the good gestures by the revered concerned family members to gracefully donate-demonstrate.
The deaths-in accidents,ailments,attacks,atrocities etc find the functional organs worthy of being donated,transplanted new lease of life for the other humans made available.
The concrete-concerted efforts do benefit befittingly.
This a mission with the clear vision should see no omissions/commissions-only passions,compassions-never any complulshions.
Voluntary-an exemplary-thwithoute real memory-so the actual story.
There are innumerable instances where-hearts,kidneys,eyes etc removed-moved  speedily to the point /s of the actual uses immaterial of the geographic boundaries-successfully put in place.
These remarkable acts never short than the services to the almighty.
The donor,the processings,the co-ordinations all of supreme dignity,devotions,dedications.
These logical,legal donations,transplantations,wide publicities,awreness,the public supports all go a long way in smashing the wrong doings-to be frank-the smuggling,stealing,robbing,looting of the noble organs by the culprits,anti-social elements and making ahuge sums of moneys by these horrifying acts.
The right going to the right rightly is the greatness of the organ donation theory-saga.
To make the organ donation effective-transparent-legal,now-a –days banks-
The eye bank,
The kidney bank,
The blood bank etc are functioning.
Technologies, fine tunings,organizations etc. nave made the processings highly beneficial,effective.
Humanity yet living,thriving,inspiring-drives home the point good is ever good provided it is maintained-cherished-relished  without any shortcomings.
Though it is said-
“to err is human,
To forgive is divine”-
Is not the time ripe to be divine,fine,fair?
So the mental make-up backs it up and maintains.
Good means to good ends-
Rm sharma


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