D  O  G   VS  G  O  D!


DOG is a 3 alphabet word.
GOD is also a 3 alphabet word.
The alphabets used in both the items are the same.
The difference is only in the arrangement of the alphabet in making the word.
But totally the meaning,message are distinctly different.
One is the created,the other is the creator.
Should it be said the creator is manifested in his creation.
Indeed it is and also the almighty himself has said it  explicitly.
Dog a friend of the mankind,is also an enemy to the mankind.
Royal dog for royal treatments by the owners.
Street dogs get treated very disturbingly.
Massacre of stray dogs makes headlines in the news stories.
Street dogs/stray dogs carry away the new borns creating a horrible situation.
Street dogs-noise-a pollution problem.
Street dogs biting the road users mostly those who walk-more so in lonely places,late in the night hours etc.make headlines many times in the mass media.
Municipalities venture into eliminating of the stray dogs,making themunfit to produce the little ones-birth control measures are always in the news.
Perverted minds-prsons spoiling the societal upkeep idulge in endangering the beasts by-disabling them,thrwing them from heights (upper floors of multi storied buildings)etc.also are news.
In kannada, pathetic situations-uneasy living conditions are termed as-
“NAYI PADU”- meaning the life of a dog!
From puranas to modern ages,the dog has gone through the ages-created histories.
The dog story-enchanting,amazing,alarming etc.
The dog-apart from the local breeds,even the imported are also with the owners who are rich.
Sale of dogs,theft of dogs all in advertisements in the print media.
In Mahabharata-in dwapara yuga,bhagavan lord Krishna tells arjuna in bhagawad gita,-
A scholar should not/will not differentiate the dog from other creations  in the world.
After the Mahabharata war,yudhishtira moves to the heavens with four dogs.
The god dattatreya,has a threeheaded dog in his company.
In the world of yester years,the great king ulisis had his pet dog  which wept at the death of its’ master.
We have read enough stories of the magnanimities of dogs reported in the mass media,saving their bosses-from accidents,mishaps,robbers etc.
Dogs in the police force an important organ-crime detections.
Dogs participating in dress competitions,sports, etc are also there.
Dogs retrieving the bodies(human) buried under debris due to collapses of buildings-civil structures are also worth noting/remembering.
Name a situation there the presence of dog.
Dog is almost an integral living part of modern living style/s.
Special food for dogs-biscuits,
Special soaps for dogs-bathing,
Special doctors for dogs-medical attention are all in the integral part of human lives as on these days.
Dog a friend,guard,guide all is true.
If dog is said  to be god,no wonder it cannot be laughed at at all.
The great English proverb-
“every dog has its’ day”-explains the  impact of it in the present day life.
We have three English dailies before us explaining the excellences of dog-
1.for “de-sressing”-pay and play with the dogs.
A Hyderabad revealation by a reputed study group reveals the it employees get this act to relief from the occupation stresses.
A club maintaining the dogs-kennel-attracts the needy to get the benefit by paying for the play time.
The search for a best accompanying animal-the moods of the dog helping the stressed individual.
It comes to my remembarances that great kannada dramatist –
Sh TP KAILASAM IN his one of the plays-“AMMAVRA GANDA”-explains the beauty of the kid plying with the dog of his house when the mother engaged in her acts in a samaja.

  1. pets help people with mental illness to get the remedies-

This a study from  London reports that a dog in company of a mentally ill peson will help him/her by a good company-providing calm,therapeutic treatment.
3.a woman holding a dog waiting for the priest for the blessings.
This only photo not giving any details for the seeking of the blessings-this instance from a western country city.
The dog story is amusing-amazing-wonders in the kitty.
We have read in the case of deaths-mostly in the western country living conditions-loney women-death in the house-the dog making the telephone call.
Many owners insure lot of money in the account of the dogs they posess.
Owners taking dogs for the walk,dogs enjoying luxury car drives of their lords are quite common.
In remote places-house-gardens farms-dog the patrolling chief.
Dog takes care of the master and his belongings (materials).
Dog a friend,guide,guard etc.
Here the life of a dog is in exact contrast to the one we told in the beginning about the pathetic situation.
Two faces poles apart-that is the life of dog.
In a very recent study by an expert team,revealed in the news story in print media explained the very special-extraordinary smelling ability of a dog(special breeds)-help crime detections.
Creator of dog-“god”- has invested himself in his creation.
That is the wonder-that is the thunder.
Mahakavi kalidasa while accounting for the magnanimities of the lord-parameshwara-
Utters- “nahi santi yatharthya vidaha pinakinaha”-
None knows the exactness of the lord shiva-otherwise nobody knows shiva in full.
All that is known only partial.
God is great.
Dog is great.
That is creation-presentation also.


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