Care the caring means in simple term that-care is to be ensured who are in the profession of caring.
All that means-caring-taking care of them who need it or for whom it is provided.
This caring as a job may be-could be if need be demanded in the matters of-
Health problems,children,orphans,less privileged/under previliged/not in the main stream masses etc.
Precisely let us ponder over the issues concerning the care of children.
Tiny tot dispensations,
Baby sitting centres,
We focussedly persue in the businesses of paid jobs for caring professions.
We have heard of kindergarten schools,
Montessory schools,
Baby sittings,
Ashram schools for the tiny tots/kids,-
Here for these jobs-advertisements,selections,recruitments-
As a fallout the compensation packets for the deliveries of the dividends.
Here we go in details to the news stories in the print media wherin the greatest informations reveal that-the humans who endevour the caring businesses will have enlarged life.
This valid story forcefully puts the matterof longevity of life-living for the extended period.
There are no medicines,no checkups, yet the life is longer.
It is heartening to read then how about those who really reap the boost.
This is best host to them who wish to live longer.
Apart from living,even the longevity helps the kids to learn-in the dispensations of kids schoolings-education.
Here the important deviations could be needed-in exceptional-extraordinary cases as they could be accordingly.
The news reports from berlin in germany-the study conducted by-
Max plank institute for human development puts in place that the older people who care for others who indulge in such activites live longer than those who do not venture into the said businesses.
The study on them in the age group of 70-103 yrs of age,
The data collected-drawn for the period between 1990-2009.
The reserarchers also find not only as a job,even those who can/have the fecilities/provisions at theirown ends-meaning their own vicinity-homes,relations etc also yield the same gems.
But why wewent ahead in endorsing the persuits of jobs are based on the needs-livelyhood,those who do not have the kids in their vicinities but the urge-urgency to go in for the innovative ideas-finds the best answers in getting into the relevant jobs of the child care.
Here the oppointing authorities with the concurrence or otherwise impressing upon the pressing factors need to work alternatively-thinking out of box-the notable-noble-bold-gold ideas.
Grand parents-aged-old generations-boost-best to the next generations-
Great-grand-good both for the caring and the cared.
We can candidly put the famous English saying-
This same innovative doctrine is spoken by geetacharya in bhagavadgita-
The principle of-
“LIVE LET LIVE”- is true 100% here surely.
The survey study conducted was published in the journal-“evolution and human behavior”.
Be them be there,we take the essence which is really all sense-sensitive-insentive-practical in the currrent day needs.
We often hear,read, watch the inhuman punishments awarded to the kids in their schools on various ground-many times-flimsy-whimsical-even sickening.
These odds definitely get buried also the worries vanish if the elderly engaged in the caretaking affairs.
Kids do find healthy,homely ,wholely in the new environments if put in operations surely.
Let the policy makers,parents,guardians all  get together-mull-drill-fill the places which undoubtedly provide peace-tranquility.
Kids enjoying school goings,parents  relieved,managements of the schools finding no offences committed by their unholy employees appointed for the children care.
Let us learn,earn the newer methodologies-techniques.
Let us cherish-relish-endear the great findings of the great sages who say-
It means to tell,let us invite the good from all the sides of the universe.
Is not true that the berlin doctrine is all worth for the adaptions?
Then why hesitations-tensions-omissions-commissions should be?
Let us go straight and invite-initiate.
Mahakavi kalidasa says-
The diamond is to be sought for it does not go in serach of the possessor.
Let the next generation-future of the country be blessed with the best.
That is the need of the hour.
Just in time the best-let not it be lost.
r m sharma


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