We at the very 1st place write the real story in the preamble which invariably highlights the ground realities.
On the strengths of the facts the further follow-up becomes effective exhaustive and aptly well focused.
On 13thjune2016,mangaluru deccan herald reported a story in the news columns which surfaced in newdelhi.
The occasion was the celebrations of the birthday of the woman activist for which she landed in newdelhi with her husband and son.
The story unveils that regularly the family used to visit a hotel sharavan bhavan n cannaught place.
This time the party chose to visit hotel shiv sagar in the same area.
Never the hotel served the customers cited here-but refused to.
The reasons-the family took  eight children-streetkids with them. The kids the hotel management told were wearing dirty clothes and were not clean.
This the management cited the core for the refusal of serving the food to the visiting lot which enraged the social activist ms sonali shetty of dehradun.
The lady objected the management ignored.
The lady confronted by the police personnel who were called to   the place by the hotel management to handle the delicate issue.
On the complaints by the  affected party. The police kept a finest silence-which lead the  affecte group to stage a sit in dharana outside the hotel for nearly 10 hrs wef 2pm-1400 hrs on that reported day.
Never the resolutions did get the affected party,
The social worker left the premises with a  condition that she would report the following morning demanding an apology by the hotel management-the manager in particular.
The very important revealations that visit hotel shivsagar was to get the food-“chole bhuture”-liked by the accompanying eight kids which the other hotel sharavan bhavan did not have in its’menu.
Be that be there for the party paying for the services sought is fully independent to have the choice perfectly met by the server-as a regular commercial exercise.
With this story-we have any thing to learn-the society which if does improve the life of the neglected-underprivileged effectively-notably-remarkably.
There are lessons-to be learnt by both the sides-the server and the served.
Seving hotel the premises carrying the businesses strictly as per the provisions under the terms and conditions the said hotel management enterd into the practices for which the licensing authority-the delhi govt accepted to issue the licence.
If the hotel management erred in the strict implementations of the said T&C then it is liable for legal implications.
The visiting customers have the grievences for the disservices-qualitywise,pricewise-or total refusal-and if the bearing strong enough to nail the hotel dispensations for the wrong doings then the law should play its’ role for the good of the affected customers.
The social activist’s report that food was not served for the only reson the streetkids accompanying were dirty in appearance for the clothes they werein and looked poor does not hold any water of the wise arguments.
The social activist well versed with the set practices-prcedures why did fail in accepting the T&C of the hotel she frequented here now?
When she and her family members were with clean dresses-why not the same for the street kids she took with her to the hotel?
Is not cleniness a matter to be well persued to help better health,healthy society,hassel free behaviours by the all concerned?
If yes why a gobye to the cleniness-if the novel –noble-english proverb reverberates-
However the social activist touched upon the-swach bharat  cess & krushi kalian cess paid by the civil society members-tax payers if the poor is ignored.
What does poverty concerned with krushi cess in a hotel service/
Is not swach bharat means the premiseses-including the individuals to be upright in the matters of cleniness beyond any more quiries?
Is not cleniness-well practiced helpd better oral health and promote social well being arkedly?
We fail to under stand why delhi govt-the dy cm ordered an enquiry to be held by the delhi magistrate of the area concerned and put the findings before the relevant dispensations within the ime of 24 hrs after the order put in place to hold the said enquiry.
This is just passing the buck-for the decisions unknown where the  buck just stop permanently-fixing the responsibilities well guarded.
We really wonder why and how a threat of appearing on the scene the next morning by the social activist demanding the apology by erred hotel manager is justified for the wellset protocol of going the right royal legal way is ignored-
The social activist in the st place should and must have lodged the police complaint then the rest next as per the procedures.
All that  goes to say-law is not needed only show is needed.
Show cannot deliver the blow nor blow off the odds-if ilcocncieved –practiced.
Scrutiny-legally well if no ill is built into it in the approaches applied by the effecte-affected well.
Now we can put the whole presentations before the revered readers ‘ fraternity to dwell upob=debate-deliberate-arrive at  the resolutions remarkably-notably- helping the society and set the role model firmly.
Dharana not-“DHARANA-the real mind set-best responding to the ground realties”-
So there are lessons,
To be learnt and taught.
R M Sharma


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