Today the 1st of April like any other year over/will surface in the future,is “the fool day!”
To be fool,to be called a fool,to be foolish undoubtedly-affects,afflicts,effects-totally  the disturbances to any individual.
This definitely agitates the mind and wishes to revenge.
But,if we coolly,calmly,seriously introspect,we notice thereis/are room/rooms to be foolish.
Foolish neednot be ignored-for it awakes us,betters us,helps mastering.
Mastering is logical than mustering-the one mental and the other physical.
Let us  ponder why the “fools’ day” to be observed all over the world?
It is but natural,fools are there,they are relevant.
Foolish in actions,foolish in not acting,foolish in over acting unveils the beauty of the great art.
Foolishness-makes the heavy hearts light,ignites new thinking,rejunavates.
Scare of bombs planted in imp. Locations,hak calls ofterrorists planning to eliminate the celebrities,fun of fire raging very prominent places etc can be cited –for such had happened earlier on those occasions and in the 1st place attracted the dispensations to engage in fighting them,later on turning to be wrong,though perturbed, but the succor was the butter and the better of the wrongs.
We find,notice,read,watch,hear of the fools and the /their paradises.
Paradise on the earth itself a great fooling item-for er=arth is ever termed to be a hell and unworthy to liveon.
This earth-the mother earth-the planet-the habitants-the humanity-
Amongst them-human,super human,inhuman all varieties the hardest realities establishes the theory of unworthiness is foolish.
When all over the globe the fools’day is an important observation-what the message it delivers or intend to deliver?
Very simple-fool to be taken with cool.
Great fun it delivers-it makes the thinking sharper.
At times the foolish acts of the day may turn useful in the future for it warns how-why wrongs do happen or done.
It helps all administrations to be alert,apt so that no moredangers dig in.
When the famous English proverb states-“TO ERR IS HUMAN, FORGIVE IS TO DIVINE!”-does not this message confirms foolishness?
Err,error errant why to agitate,let us accept,analyse correct.
These are the cool ways surely.
Even the superhuman beings-dieties-gods,goddesses committed  mistakes-nothing but foolish acts,approached the higher order and got them corrected.
There are plenty of these stories,illustrations,revealations in our mythologies.
But they serve as very good lessons.
In histories,wars,confrontations,battles ample items record the acts of foolishness.
They costed,casted,gusted in realities.
Thes also serve as examples to improve upon.
Foolishness-the scope for improvements,
Improvements for perfections,
Perfections for liberations,
These are the most valued derivatives.
If anybody objects for he/she being termed foolish.then it reflects that the individual cannot and must not improve.
Wrong,not right is exactly the act of foolishness.
The wrong punished,the right rewarded.
The very provision of the punishment/s is the proof –foolishness is a reality.
We have in our memories-of course of the bygone days-when serious phone calls,valid inputs,informations to the concerned-heads/chiefs etc on the april fool day turned hoax,wrong,irrelevant etc.
The personnel engaged in the duties,enjoyed them,literally spent the rest of the wrking duration on the firmest foundation of the bogus inputs.
They laughed and became eased.
Never getting the freedom of enjoying in the working schedule-fools’day delivering it  was a boon which never they wished.missed to encash.
Even the act of foolishness has thepinacle of magnanimity.
This magnanimity is divinity-undoubtely we record it that way.
In bhagawad gita,we find umteep ns. of illustrations where the acts of foolishness in the greatest celebrity-ARJUNA a definite reality.
This foolishness made him-dear to the acharya,
The dearness made the nearness,
The nearness delivered thenector.
The actor-finally became the  master.
The master conqured the monster inside him.
Finally got liberated-“attained SAYUJYA-MOKSHA!”
Let us coolly,calmly analyse,debate,deliberate,appreciate-the greatness of –“THE FOOLS’ DAY!”
The great words of the lord to the great warror ARJUNA-
Is apt, I repeat.
Fools’ day for cooling,
Cooling for fooling,let  the apriil 1-fools’day long live-guide the globe.
Let it open the pandoras box and pour out the gems to weed out the germs.
R M sharma,


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